Why invest in Las Vegas ?

The tourist destination, this American city is also known as the gambling capital of the world. But Sin City (its nickname) is also the sun, the biggest hotels in the world, a dynamic city in constant evolution, the desert, vast open spaces made for outdoor activities and impressive mountain chains. In addition you can find high class properties situated in strategic locations, in the heart of residential neighborhoods or in the center of downtown. On top of that, this Nevada City successfully rose from the crisis thanks to its significant economic development, and it profits from its very advantageous tax structure. In addition, as a result of the drop off in prices since the real estate crisis, and a fairly high local demand for rentals, investing in Las Vegas has proven to be a profitable strategy for all buyers.

A few statistics about the real estate market:

At the end of the last decade, America experienced its worst real estate crisis. Prices collapsed and certain cities even had to declare bankruptcy. Nevertheless, as time passed, the situation improved in several States. In Nevada, the market progressively improved. Prices are still low, but for investors, it is the ideal moment to invest in Las Vegas. In effect, exceptional and high class investment products and properties are available for sale at very interesting prices. Finally, the returns on investment rates are fairly attractive, and allow you to profit from your investment.

Investing in Las Vegas: It’s a lot more than just casinos and shows!

The city of Las Vegas and its suburbs have a lot more to offer than just its casinos and over-sized hotels, and compared to other American States like California or Florida, the immediate return on investment is more attractive. Las Vegas is a destination of choice for all types of investor profiles and all types of investments. Ideal for business usage with its lack of State Tax, it will please anyone who is looking for a return on investment through rental property. Along with that Las Vegas is the perfect place to establish your primary or secondary residence:

  • A pleasant climate and year round sunshine (315 days a year of sun)
  • A modern international airport connected to the world
  • Breathtaking shows and concerts (Cirque du Soleil, Smith Center)
  • Majestic casinos ; Wynn & Encore, Bellagio, Caesar’s Palace, MGM, Aria to name a few.
  • The proximity of Lake Mead (45 minutes east of the “Strip”) and its aquatic activities such as boating, fishing and hiking.
  • The proximity of Mt. Charleston (45 minutes northwest of the “Strip”) allow you to participate in winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding.
  • The proximity (by plane) of West Coast cities, Los Angeles (1 hr. 10 min.), San Francisco (1 hr. 30 min.), San Diego (1 hr. 10 min.).