The process of purchasing real estate

In the United States, each agency has its own exclusive listings, but can also offer an array of properties available on the market, even those listed by other agencies. This tool is called the MLS (Multiple Listing System), a single real estate agent can have access to all available properties. This enables MVB Group Real Estate to identify your future property.

1 – Identifying the purpose of your future property

Before starting your search, determine the purpose of your property:

  • Primary or secondary residence?
  • Professional residence?
  • Rental investment property?
  • Return on investment or fast capital gain?

2 – Planning visits

We will assist you in organizing your visits:

  • We organize the visits of properties that you have pre-selected, communicating by e-mail, by telephone or directly on-site in our office during your visit to Las Vegas.
  • At the end of the visits we study your selections by analyzing the past history of each property, the amount of taxes, and all similar properties sold in that same area.
  • Following our analysis, you will be ready to decide on the property that correspond to your expectations.

3 – Making an offer

The offer, where we will list the main points, must be made in writing,

  • Price offered
  • Amount of deposit to be placed in an escrow account upon acceptance of offer
  • Cash payment or if applicable, financing
  • Duration of the validity of offer
  • Closing Date
  • Choice of Title Company
  • Choice of home inspector

The offer will be written by us; you only have to initial and sign. We will then submit it to the seller’s agent, or to the bank if it is a repossessed property. 


Once the transaction is agreed upon, we will accompany you and represent you at the closing. We will act as an intermediary between the various participants: the title company representative, the seller’s agent, and, of course, you.

The Closing consists of several steps:

  • The signature of the contract between you and the seller, and the payment of a deposit to definitively reserve the property;
  • Intervention of an inspector (optional, and at your expense) to verify your property is in conformity with norms: plumbing, roof, electricity, etc. We will arrange the inspection visits;
  • The examination of the property by the title company (survey, deed) to make sure your property is free and clear of any obligations at the time of signature;
  • As soon as the property title has been verified, the title company completes the HUD document. This document is a recapitulation of all sums to be paid by the buyer and seller on the day of closing. After the HUD verification we will send a copy to you by e-mail so that you can sign it and the title company can receive payment. As soon as the seller receives his check from the title company he will hand us the keys, and at that moment you become the property owner. The registration at an administrative center occurs at the same time as the payment of funds.

How much time is needed?

In the case of payment by cash, the transaction takes between 2 and 3 weeks. However in the case of financing (U.S. residency is required), the time of acquisition of the property is approximately 2 months.

We will be in contact with you during the negotiation phase and will be at your disposition for all your questions or inquiries that you might have during this process.